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This project was being managed by a group of managers under an extremely tight production schedule.  Due in part to the large group representing all stakeholders for the client, design slipped and a CD milestone was looming.  I was added to the project at that point with the task of planning out the 30% CD submittal with four weeks to produce it, and no fixed CAD staff.  I started with a somewhat more "cartoon set" listing each drawing along with sample work whoever ended up working on that sheet could use as a template  "to match for drawing scope, ie, level and type of notations, dimensions".  I also needed to plan what sequence sheet production needed to be done in, so dependencies did not slow production.  It wasn't as bad as it sounds.


Scope of Work:  Near gut renovation of an under utilized high school in poor condition and creation of an addition in a phased 3 year process.


Architectural Tasks:  Production / Job Captain to plan, create, schedule, and produce 30% bid set construction documents from design documentation including detailing, preliminary structural and MEP sizing and schematic set work.  Due to time constraints, most detail and schedule work would need to be generic showing instead the scope of work that would be refined in future submissions.


Construction Work:  Parapets, chimney, face brick, masonry, brick, stone, paint removal, cleaning, pointing, kitchen exhaust flue, waterproofing, areaway repair, iron picket fencing, areaway drain repair, concrete structural repair, sidewalk repairs, paving repairs, sidewalk grate repairs and modifications.

Production Planning 30% CD Set:  Click on files to open.  If they do not open, right click, download to desktop, and open from there.  It's a known MS bug that will never be fixed.

Document Library

Document1 - Carton Set 30p CD1 - Carton Set 30p CD
Document1_-_Sample_Work 21_-_Sample_Work 2
Document1_-_Sample_Work 31_-_Sample_Work 3
Document2 - Managers Production Sched2 - Managers Production Sched
Document2 - Prod Sched Wk Ahead for Staff2 - Prod Sched Wk Ahead for Staff




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Project List

1 - NYC Townhouse 

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2 - Alumni Facility

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3 - PA Offices

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4 - NYC SCA Elementrary

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5 - NYC SCA High School

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6 - Scenic Overlook

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