Paperless Redmarking


Paperless office, heard that old saw too.  However, it CAN be a reality.  At the very least you can do it for drawings, which take up the most space. 


Hardware / Software Required:


  • You need a good pdf program, not the top of the line Adobe, but not some crippled version that the copier vendor will give you.  Expect a retail single license to go for $80.00.  There are usually bulk discounts of course from vendors.  Better PDF programs will produce CLEANER and SMALLER files, something vendors don't mention.  Surprise!
  • You need two 20 inch or so LCD monitors per station to do this with maximum efficency.  One monitor will hold the redmarked drawing / specification, the other the document being corrected.  When not being used for redmarking, the second monitor can hold Outlook so your staff can more easily notice client / important emails, or research, standards being used in the creation of the drawing / spec on the other monitor.
  • You need multiple non-jamming sheet feed scanners.  Most copiers will scan now.  Flat bed, inkjet / laser jet multifunction machines under say $1,000 won't be reliable enough.
  • Then you need a wide format scanner for drawings, or maybe send them out if it's reimursable to the client.
  • It would help ALOT if your staff would learn how to use a pen pointer, which costs about $100 a station now.  It also helps ALOT with carpal tunnel, lowering your liability for that occupational problem.


How to do it:


  • This isn't tough.
  • You configure the software.
  • You insert boxes and type in the comment.
  • (This helps when it comes to replying to gov't comments or otherwise tracking redmarks and quality, which you should be doing)
  • You can hand redmark with your favorite marker, then scan, that works too.
  • You can also use that pen pointer and learn to write and sketch on the computer, it's a good thing, for you tendons.
  • Add in some arrows.
  • Put in your contracts and subcontracts that to conserve paper (very green) that all redmarking will be via electronic media.  If you end up with any drawings or other paper from other project team member, be prepared to scan it and get that cost covered in the contracts.


Ta - Da.


The images below are thrre samples from projects redmarked paperlessly


The Excel File below contains the full "How To Redmark Paperlessly" instructions including several PDF's with instructions for the various programs used.  The PDF is smaller but only shows icons of the linked instructions.