Flood Recovery and Mitigation

Flood Safing Your Home

When you can't move, financially, emotionally, for whatever reason, it'd be really great to rebuild so at least clean up and recovery is as quick and easy as possible.

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Document Library

DocumentFlood_Safe_WallsRebuilding your home - Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Flood Damaged Homes
DocumentDetailing_to_resist_flood_damage_1New Construction
DocumentDetailing_to_resist_flood_damage_2New Construction
DocumentDetailing_to_resist_flood_damage_3New Construction





Following examples are based on real life situations, but every situation is different, so think hard before copying these, and figure out how to make them work for you (Or email me, more than happy to offer advice).



Flood Barriers

Trying to tell Mother Nature what to do 

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Multipurpose and minimal impact barriers. 


Deflect natures fury -

You know, as in that classic TV show, Kung-Fu...

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Create a living, breathing, and ever growing defense.


Flood Safing Your Home

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When you just can't move.




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Sharing a home, without sharing your lives.


Should I Stay


Should I Go???????

Signs from Mother Nature that it's time to move on

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Sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the roses.