Flood Recovery and Mitigation


Bend like a willow -

Deflecting a flood

You know, as in that classic TV show, Kung-Fu...

Stabilizing embankments, stream banks, ditches.

I like to integrate plants and shrubs into the front line of defense against water.  

They can catch debries, naturally building up the barriers with little effort on my part. 



My idea of work.

Construction to defend and divert water.

Construction that you were going to do anyway.



My idea of getting your bucks worth.

Working With Nature - Layered Flood Protection
How It Works - Let Nature Build The Berms Using vegetation to reduce flooding and build up land
Nothing's Simple - 20 steps to flood protection with plantings
Using trees, shrubs, and ground covers to minimize flooding and build up land
Turning your deck into a break water
Floodgate / Bench for breakwater on deck
Rivlets, Springs, Cricks and Ditches - Grow Your Own Berm
Rivlets, Springs, Cricks and Ditches - Grow Your Own Berm How It Works
Berms for ditches culverts rivlets springs cricks streams

Below are higher resolution downloadable files for all the work in the slide show.

I believe all employers would appreciate that the image quality of the portfolio files is not perfect.  Click here for more on this effort to preserve the intellect property inherent in all architects work. 

Document Library

DocumentBerms_that_Work_WITH_NatureNatural Berms
DocumentNatural BermsOK, not all natural
DocumentNatural BermsPlanting for a berm
DocumentNatural BermsBuilding a berm with plants
Document2_Natural_Flood_ProtectionHow it will work
Document3_Plantings_for_flood_protectionGod is in the details
Document4_A_deck_for_flood_protectionKeeping water away
Document5_Flood_gate_-_deck_benchSaves money - saves space





Following examples are based on real life situations, but every situation is different, so think hard before copying these, and figure out how to make them work for you (Or email me, more than happy to offer advice).



Flood Barriers

Trying to tell Mother Nature what to do 

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Multipurpose and minimal impact barriers. 


Bend Like a Willow Little one

Deflecting natures fury

You know, as in that classic TV show, Kung-Fu...

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Create a living, breathing, and ever growing defense.


Flood Safing Your Home

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When you just can't move.




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Sharing a home, without sharing your lives.


Should I Stay


Should I Go???????

Signs from Mother Nature that it's time to move on

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Sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the roses.