Ground Source Heat Pump Research


Following are a few of my favorite links and below them, some downloads for you.


Ground Source Heat Pump Boot Camp - US Military Presentation


Findings: 20,000 Installed GSHP units in 264 locations - DoD.


GSHP's save 25% to 40% - Oak Ridge National Laboratories


Cold Climate Case Studies: Presentation of IGSHP Association and North East Geo


Office Building - Cold Climate: GSHP compared to conventional HVAC Oregon Inst. of Tech. for NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab


You learn more from making mistakes, but ohhhhh the pain, learn from others:


Miss-sized loops, re-using distribution system disaster, finger pointing, no supervision: Click  GreenBuildingTalk for the thread.


Saturated Earth - heating and cooling, slinky coil secrets, air purging and much, much more: Click The GeoGuy for this and more.

Design Manuals

Document Library

DocumentFascinating GSHP problem threadFascinating GSHP problem thread
DocumentPond TempsPond Temps
DocumentGSHP Efficency ImprovementComparison of earliest and newest GSHP's
DocumentMcQuay HP Design GuideGood for fluid temps
DocumentNYC Gov GSHP Manual Heavy with Geophysical Info
Water Required for Open Loop Systems

Document Library

DocumentFlow Rates for Open Loop SystemRule of Thumb - see also site pages for Thermals and Design Conditions

Ground Temperatures

Document Library

DocumentGround Temp MapGround Temp Map
DocumentSeasonal Temperature CyclesSeasonal Temperature Cycles
DocumentSoil Temp Operating SystemGSHP system in Alaska - Extreme operating range temps
DocumentTemp Swing by DepthTemp Swing by Depth

Carbon Comparisons for Heating Systems


Carbon use factoids I've run across

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DocumentCarbon ImpactComparison carbon impact for various heating systems