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Insulation - Superinsulation (or is it Super Insulation?)

You can never have enough insulation!!!!
Well..... if you're building a new building.  After you surpass superinsulation the payback periods for the next inch do become unjustifable.  However, fiberglass, glass wool and cellulose insulation are so inexpesnive it's a cheap ego stroke!   Pile it on, every bit will save energy, droping your building energy use to near zero (and it's cheaper than a Photovoltaic system) and shout it from the rooftops.
If you are retrofitting and adding to any reasonable  existing insulation, it's pretty hard to get a justifiable payback period, unless it's do it yourself or you've got a multi-generational house to pass on to the little ones.
Here's my take when insulation payback become debatable, or any energy efficency or alternative energy initiative  --  Use the money to save energy elsewhere!  The easiest way is to donate the money (or insulation) to  Habitat for the Humanities to super insulate a Habitat for Humanities project.   The math is too long, but you could double your energy savings.
Tons of info and everyone taking the time and effort to maintain a website promotoing Green Builidng and Sustainability need to see the hits, need to see the interest! 


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Sustainability Pays 


Insulation - 

How Much Is Enough
Quick answers to your insulation questions

Easy Energy


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Country House - Catskills
 Eco -Test Bed 
An Ongoing Deep Energy Retrofit Case Study

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Location: NYS

Catskill Mountains

Upstate New York

 Micro Climate: Extreme

-7000 Heating DD

-limited sun 

-deep in narrow valley.


Energy Conservation

Low Temperature Solar Thermal


Energy Update

30% Reduction 2011-2012 

Soooo last year

50% Reduction 


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Fact Checked

.... Factoids....

If you are looking for pre-digested factoids to throw around risk free at parties, such as why energy conservation is more important than alternative energy – including photovoltaics, how much energy and carbon can be saved with energy conservation, embeded carbon, building stats such as ages, types, uses, pay back times for energy conservation, photovoltaics, wind generators – use anything you find on this site, I actually fact check, well, make sure two “reputable” web site agree.