Solar Porch

Hmmm, Solar Porch, Eco Porch, Green Porch, Sustainable Porch.  I'm going to leverage it to the max.


'Ye ole porch joins the 21st century sporting:

  • Space age plastic glazing.
  • Huge areas of Operable Sash.
  • Matching huge areas of insect screening.
  • Shading.
  • Solar Thermal Collector / Wall / Railing / Insulation Panels.
  • Solar Thermal buffering.
  • Low Temperature Solar Thermal storage.
  • Hot Water Pre Heating.
  • Clothes drying.
  • Three season comfort for three season utilization.
  • Environmental and Insect protection, reduced maintained - materials and labor.

and of course the pretty colored lights........

  • LED fairy lights around the porch - TRY THEM, you get two lights for the price of one ( the light, and it projects a circle of light on your building, the grounds, and snow) AND only 7 watts a string!

To join the pics of the pretty lights above, this year they'll be pics of the frost protected foundation, insect / moisture separations / barriers, planter railings complete with recessed foot lights, plastic glazed exterior wall panels, screened ventilation wall panels, low temperature thermal storage, hot water pre - heating, and even easy to use cloths lines.
I'll research terminology too, solar porch, solar thermal collectors or solar thermal panels, low temperature solar thermal collection, low temperature solar thermal storage, and try to find "THE" definitive definitions, and what to really call what I'm going to do which is - in my rambling way:
Collect low temperature solar thermal energy, 70 - 80 degrees, as this will leave the solar porch usable, and also allow for maximum collection efficacy without being concerned with heat loss through single glazed solar thermal collector, and utilizing low temperature solar thermal storage, again for maximum efficency, store in earth and foundation walls and floor slab under and around basement and the earthen floor of the crawlspace.  If this all sounds like a really complicated way to describe what an adobe building does naturally, built in solar thermal storage, you're right, I'm trying to adapt the solar thermal buffering and solar thermal storage inherent in adobe mass construction to a wet, northeastern climate where neither adobe, or uninsulated construction is feasible.